Getting Stuff Done, and Staying Stress-FREE

I don’t know about y’all, but when I have a ton to do in a day and don’t make list or write it out, I feel completely overwhelmed and stressed. So, I’ve decided to revert to the old way of planning stuff out! The thing that worked best for me in college, and in high school, still works today: HAVING A PLANNER! You can either have a handy one, and/or pin a calendar on your wall…I do both!

I now have two planners, but one doesn’t start till 2018!


DISCLAIMER: Having a planner may make you a little more OCD/high on time, and for some, it could do the opposite and make them more stressed.


  1. Be crafty, step out of your norm, be Original…and construct your own Planner!
    • Here are some FREE templates I love, that I found on Pinterest:


Eliza Ellis Calendars–  She has multiple colors/templates to choose from!



My Planner: 

_DSC0998 (1)_DSC0990 (1)_DSC0997 (1)


Emma Studyblr– She also has multiple colors/templates!



The Elli Blog– Cute floral calendars to add something to every room!



FTD Fresh– Adorable plant/ floral calendars in multiple colors/templates!



Foreign Rooftops– Maybe you like the Minimalistic / Simplistic look?



Mariah Althoff– Artistic Artsy Fartsy Calendar!



2.   After you pick out your template and print it out/ or send it to Staples to get printed…you’ll want to buy a small three ring binder, hole puncher (if you don’t already own one), and then craft away!

3.   If you want to be extra crafty, you could bind the calendar yourself! I once used this [super easy] binding technique to make a journal! Here’s the tutorial:

   DIY Kettle Stitch Bookbinding Tutorial | Sea Lemon


If you’re not a crafty individual, and would rather save time and go the fast route… Marshall’s has some of the cutest planners! I even bought one from them too! I probably have bought at least 3 planners from Marshall’s.

Here is the one I recently purchased:




Getting stuff done, especially when you full time, is very crucial. Mapping out everything, will really help you stay on track! I map out my work outs, what I’m cooking for dinner, and much more random things!

Hopefully this inspired you to start planning, and getting stuff done!


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