White & Marble

I know this may only be a trend currently, but I am obsessed with it! Which is weird, because I normally move towards darker colors, but this kinda white is the best of both worlds!

Here are some of my favorite finds of this trends season:

#1:  Marble Mouse Pad – $19.00

#2: Decorative Tape – $2.65 +

#3: Bed Tray – $26.00

I don’t completely like the gold trim, but I may in the right setting.

#4: Hexagon Coasters – $12.99

#5: Leather Passport Cover – $18.00

I travel at least 2 times a year, so this cover is perfect…and so so cute!

#6: Marble Wallet – $35.00

I have many plastic cards, so this wallet has just enough room to accommodate all my junk!


If you would like more to see more white marble creations/designs, Pinterest and Etsy have exactly what you need!



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